Quota Crusher Review


Setting up your daily activities is not easy and it is time consuming. You know that in a business, you need to do everything you need in order to grow your business and become successful. If setting up daily activities, maximizes the ability of your team and others, then what you need is Quota Crusher.

Information about the Company

Quota Crusher is a mobile tool allowing users to set up their sales activities for the day automatically and it make sure that it will maximize the ability of your team to grow their sales by enabling them to have personalized follow-ups.

Tools, Features and Description of the Quota System

The tool includes Android and mobile apps as well as web user interface. It also includes personal follow-ups, optimize territories and predict future sales. With the software, you will know what will be your next sales; you can also plan your daily sales activities and set activity standards. It is good to use by teams and solo users.

If you want to see your accounts, opportunities and leads, you just need to tap the map. If you want to accelerate your follow-ups, you can tap the nurture page. The software includes Android apps, native iOS and web platform having advanced features for inside and management sales teams. The sales acceleration technology allows you to maximize your team ability to grow your sales faster.

Pros and Cons of Quota Crusher

Checking the pros and cons of the company is important because it allows you to get ideas on what you need to know about it. Many people are using the system and you can also try it. Aside from working with the company, the pros and cons will help you to decide if you want it.


  • It integrates with functionality of Salesforce in an easy format that free your time
  • It helps representatives to be focus on accounts and right activities
  • It helps sales representatives to be effective
  • It automatically organizes accounts, opportunities and leads
  • Give capability with personal touch
  • Very intuitive and great look
  • Give the management team with AE’s prospecting analytics and activity for a future targeting
  • Good for cold calling


  • Not applicable to some devices

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When to Use Quota Crusher

The software area sales will boost your revenue and make sure that you will be focus in organizing your opportunities, leads and accounts. You can use the software very easy because the interface is intuitive. It is also available in other devices and has a good format. It is a good tool in setting up your daily activities easily. Also, you can use the tool with the supported system, browsers and devices.

If you want to increase your sales, improve the ability of your team and others, then Quota Crusher is what you need. It will be your best help to have a good company that is trusted by your customers and clients. The software will be your help to set up daily activities for your organization.

Choose Quota Crusher today!