Real-Time PoS Review


Real-time PoS is specializes in point of sale solutions and they are maintaining their own services data center. If you are curious on what this PoS system software is all about, this page will be your help for more details.

Information about the Company

There are many companies trusting Realtime PoS because it gives them effective retail management system. The company is offering solution that is catered to each of their client needs and make sure that they get affordable solutions.

The software helps many retailers to grow in the industry. You can use the system in tracking your sales data, maintain and order inventory levels. Many of their clients trust them because they get the retail management solutions they need in easy to navigate and single platform.

Tools, Features and Description of Realtime

Realtime PoS system software is a solution for all retail businesses. It has many capabilities, which include customer management, retail accounting, inventory management and others. The system was launched and designed by Realtime PoS Incorporation that has headquarters in North Carolina.

Realtime is helpful solution for of all sizes of businesses because it can be use in major industries as well as domains, manufacturing and automation, deliver services and transport, eCommerce and others.


The software is offering different PoS capabilities, which include gift cards, customer history, discounts management, credit card processing, refunds and returns management, many payment forms, tax exemption, special orders and others. Also, it offers support for various locations and currencies. In order to have an effective management in inventory, it make sure that it facilitates inventory classification as well as transfers, barcode generation, inventory forecasting, kit assembly and more.

The software is offering customer management services of information database, loyalty rewards program, payment & purchase history, label printing, email marketing and targeted mailing lists to have effective marketing. There are also other essential capabilities, which include customizable reporting, performance tracking, eCommerce, support for different peripheral devices and retail accounting. Some other features include PoS transactions, purchasing, inventory control, cash management, great retail organization and others.

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Pros and Cons of Realtime


  • Mobile application
  • Simple interface
  • Track customers
  • 2 flexible options


  • Not available on other devices

When to Use Realtime

The software is offering online, mobile and premise solutions for businesses. With the mobile compatibility, it allows users access to the software remotely. If you want to manage your sales effectively and track your customers, then this is the time you need to use Realtime.

Realtime is great software for PoS and it makes sure that it will manage your sales. They are offering premise, mobile and online solution for all businesses. It helps retailers to grow in the industry and to become competitive. It has great and numerous capabilities that help retailers. If you want the best PoS system, you should not have doubts to choose Realtime because it is proven and tested to become one of the top-notch tools on the web. You can rely with it anytime you want.

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