Ringdna Review


There are many sales tools on the internet offering great packages, but what you need to choose is a sales acceleration platform that can meet your needs and give you complete satisfaction. One of the popular tools you can choose is RingDNA.

Information about the Company: RingDNA Review

RingDNA is a sales acceleration software offering conversations, revenue, outbound dials, automatic call logging, call performance analytics as well as reporting. The good news is that it optimized sales workflow.

RingDNA is specializing in sales enablement system for outbound and inbound call centers. The suite of applications of the software is cost effective, modular and it is high integrable with Salesforce. It is an inside marketing and sales platform.

Tools, Features and Description of RingDNA

RingDNA maximizes your inside sales performance by helping the sales team connect, qualify and convert numerous customers. When it comes to outbound sales team, they make more calls to best leads at the same time inbound sales team will optimize incoming call conversions.


  • Call routing engine
  • Intelligent dialer
  • Predictive call analytics
  • Automated reports
  • Dashboards
  • Salesforce integration
  • Preview dialer: It includes contact preview, call notes and tags, dialer CRM integration and automatic call logging.
  • Core dialer: It includes inbound routing, outbound dialing, recorded voicemail drop, click to call, campaign and list management and dialer contact import.
  • Call follow up & quality assurance: Dialer reporting, analytics and follow up calls.

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Pros and Cons of RingDNA


  • Setting up is easy
  • Local area dialing
  • RingDNA helps sales reps to make many outbound calls every day
  • The local presence of the software increase the pickup rates
  • RingDNA increase the sales productivity of business
  • The software helps reps in responding to leads as well as connect with many prospects at the same offers real time performance metrics
  • Extraordinary sales coaching tools
  • Offers flexible telephone options and rich call data
  • Best outbound and inbound sales enablement
  • More conversations with prospects
  • Improved connected call rates
  • Tracking performance


  • Power dialer list views

When to Use RingDNA

If you want to boost your leads, you need to use RingDNA. If you want to increase your sales productivity, you also need to use the software. If you want to increase your pickup rates, then using the system is what you should do. If you want to make sure that you respond to leads effectively, then the tool will be your help. Everything you need when it comes to sales acceleration, RingDNA will help you.

Many companies and business are using RingDNA because the software gives them accelerated growth that they need for their business. The software give more outbound dials, conversations, call logging and others. If you want to have it for your business, RingDNA is your best option. If you are still in doubt on what it gives or offers, it is better to try it. Trying is not a bad thing because it gives you real experience on how the system works. You will see for yourself how it gives you more leads, how you get more prospects and others.

Check our RingDNA review and pick up the best software!