Sales Genius Review


If you are looking for a different approach and make sure that you get proven results, then you may want to learn if Sales Genius is what you need. With them, you have a higher chance of reaching your goals. If you want to have the leads management software, read this page!

Information about the Company

SalesGenius make sure that they keep a detailed history of user prospect site visits and give the details to appropriate sales team members. The company is offering superb lead tracking software that can be use for lead interaction and lead generation tracking in many ways.

Tools, Features and Description of SalesGenius

With the use of sales lead tracking, professionals can send trackable emails with the use of the Microsoft Outlook from Salesforce or by using SalesGenius email editor. The time that the recipient opens your email and visits your site, the sales representative or the sender will be notified instantly through SalesGenius Tracker sheet. With it, you can replay the prospects visit to your site. You will see what page he or she visited with information on duration of his or her visit. With the use of the software, it allows you to assess prospect interest as well as prepare what is the best approach to use next time.

SalesGenuis solutions provide companies flexibility in terms of lead management. In addition, the software enables you to set up automated workflows cultivating leads by giving additional details based on the prospect actions or characteristics. The good thing with it is that it supports both ability to change lead status fields and lead scoring that is based on your prospect body language.

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  • Behavioural lead tracking: The tool keeps a detailed history of your prospects interactions.
  • Site visit replays: Visits to company site contain many information that will help you in getting customers. The software is your one stop solution that gives visual page-by-page replay of site visits with details on how long your prospect spent on that page.
  • Automated lead nurturing: The automated workflows of the tool allow users to easily send follow up emails. The conversion events of the software make that that Sales is always alerted to prospect interests.
  • Lead scoring and lead status update: The tool allows users to specify lead scores in their automated workflows.

Pros and Cons of SalesGenius


  • Easy to use
  • Dependable
  • More features
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead tracking
  • Automated workflows


  • There is no negative review

When to Use SalesGenius

You can use Sales Genius anytime you want and if you want to know more information about your prospects or customers, then you need to use the software. It will be your help to know the time spent by your customer to certain page, send emails and others.

Sales lead tracking software is essential for an online business because it gives them the chance to track their customers in order tom increase their sales. If you are looking for an effective tool that you can use for your site, then you might want to choose SalesGenius.

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