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Knowing of some sales insights and facts will help you find out some trends happening in the business sphere. Read this article and check out the newest facts and statistics about sales. Later, learn about the top reasons to replace sales software.
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Sales Facts and Stats

  • 44% of people in the sales force won’t close a sale. That’s 80% probability.
  • According to the Marketing Donut, 80% of sales need five follow-up phone calls following the meeting.
  • Inside Sales reveals that up to 50% of the sales are to the seller or vendor that immediately responds.
  • A sales person, at an average, only makes two attempts in reaching a prospect.
  • Businesses are 9 times with higher chances in converting a web lead if they follow-up within 5 minutes.
  • Businesses that automate their lead management see at least 10% increase in their bottom lines within nine months.
  • In a firm employing up to 500 employees, at least 7 people participate or are involved in many of the company’s buying decisions.
  • 70% of customers or people making buying decisions in solving their problems, and about 30% buy to achieve or gain something.
  • Businesses that make use of marketing automation or best software in taking care of their prospects can experience an increase of 451% qualified leads.
  • 50% of prospects are qualified to buy but they are not yet ready in buying.
  • Only 25% of the leads are legitimate that should advance to sales.
  • Well-taken care of leads can produce a 20% increase in the sales opportunities as compared to those who are not nurtured.
  • Nurtured leads, according to the Annuitas Group, can make 47% bigger purchases than the non-nurtured prospects or leads.
  • Tuesday emails are best among other days of the weekdays. They have the highest open rate.

Sales Software Insight

  • 65% of businesses adopt sales software within their first 5 years
  • 53% of top-performing companies are investing in sales software to drive sales productivity

The Top Reasons for Replacing Sales Service Software

  • Lack functionality 66%
  • No longer supported 28%
  • Too complex 22%
  • Need to scale 13%
  • Bad support 9%
  • Too expensive 6%

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