Salesjunction Review


Customer relationship management is a system that is needed in managing your interaction with your clients. If you need a software that is good at it, then you can try Salesjunction. It is one of the best choices you can have. Additionally, you can check out a lot of other CRM software reviews on our website.

Information about the Company

Since 2003, the company has developed configurable and scalable CRM as well as SFA systems to manufacturers, service providers and others. In the year 2012, it was being acquired by Silver Cloud Partners. Sales Junction CRM involves with the use of technology to automate, synchronize and organizes customer service, marketing, sales as well as technical support. The company exists for one purpose and that is to give affordable and simple web based CRM and sales force automation platform.

Salesjunction is offering both mobile and online solutions for businesses. With the mobile compatibility, it allows you to access the tool remotely. Since it is a web based CRM solution that perfect for small and medium sized businesses, some of their clients include manufacturers, service provides, hotels, attorneys, consultants, contractors, developers, creative firms, distributors and others.

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Tools, Features and Description of Salesjunction

The software will be the one to organize your contacts and to implement workflows for sales activities like sending notification emails. The tool also gives sales automation sales, scheduler in sending essential reports and modifiable email templates to selected group. The good thing is that the software can be integrated with other tools through APIs like Gmail.

You will like the software because it does not require any installations and it will be your help to manage your phone numbers, contacts, notes, addresses, meetings, opportunities, files, cases, activities, accounts and others.


  • Market automation: It includes email marketing, campaign dashboard, social advertising, mailing list management and social media.
  • Sales automation: It includes contact management, contact history, customer database and territory management.
  • Collaboration: It includes document management, chat, remote access, mail merge, workflow rules and management.
  • Customer service: It includes customer service integration, case management, knowledge base and customer support tracking.

Pros and Cons of Salesjunction


  • Easy to use
  • Gmail mailbox integration
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile application
  • No downloads


  • There is no negative review

When to Use Salesjunction

If you are having a hard time to manage your contacts and organize it, then you need to start checking out Salesjunction. It will be your one stop solution to get rid of all your worries. It is easy to use and very dependable software. You no longer need to worry using it because it was developed to meet your needs. It is perfect for small up to medium sized businesses of all types.

You can start to use Salesjunction if you believe that it will be your help and if you believe that it can give what you are looking for. The fact is that many people are using it and they are all satisfied. You can also try to see how it works and you will know that it is the best software out there that you can rely with.

Choose Salesjunction software today!