Salesvision Review


Alerting your sales team with issues arises is a big help and if you also want that tasks will always be updated without investing much time, you can use Salesvision. The company is one of the choices that you can have for your business.

Information about the Company: Sales Vision Software

Salesvision is a company having ability in uncovering key performance indicators of users business with help of sales intelligence software. Businesses will have an easy access to details allowing sales team to be alerted on issues directly to user’s laptops via desktop application, iPhone app or mobile devices. Tasks will be updated based on customer records from chosen device as well as automatically synchronized with users ERP back office system.

Tools, Features and Description of Salesvision

Salesvision is powered by OGL and the good thing is that the company sales information can be accessed from any location securely as long as you have internet connection. It allows the sales team as well as tools to have informed decisions.


  • Interactive sales enquiries: With the use of this feature, details can be accessed effectively and quickly. The time that the details are captured, you can now start to analyze the trends in highlighting weaknesses, strengths as well as opportunities from sales data. You can now use the details during discussions.
  • Alerting employees to customer changes: Tagging and managing data allows you to set up alerts to highlight customer details of sales team like opportunities and total sales of customer that is not buying. This will give chance to your sales team a great awareness of what is happening.
  • Monitoring and auctioning opportunities: The company is encouraging businesses to manage their data by tagging their customers according to type or group. The details can be used in highlighting potential sales opportunities. Management teams and remote sales teams can use the tags in choosing customers as well as generate tasks.
  • Empower support team: With the software, you can manage your customer interactions in all channels, which include email, internet, fax and telephone. It gives your team a comprehensive overview that is needed in improving satisfaction, maximize revenue and reduce churn.
  • Reduce costs and time: The software enables your team to work effectively and efficiently by giving complete help in tracking issues and inquiries.

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Pros and Cons of Salesvision


  • Give immediate awareness about key performance indicators
  • It highlights opportunities that give reports for points of discussion and meeting preparation
  • Easy to use
  • Managing a sales team easily
  • Tasks will be updated


  • No review

When to Use Salesvision

If you want to meet mission sales of your team and ensure that you will be always be updated with the tasks, then what you need to use is Salesvision. It helps you to be informed with your decisions, prepare meeting, maximizes revenue and others.

If you want to make sure that you manage your sales team easily and they do is all-perfect for your business in generating higher revenue and profits, you need to use Salesvision. It is being used by many companies and you can also try to get what they have experience.

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