Sitecore Review


Content management is essential and when you are having difficulties with it or you do not know what you need to do, the help of Sitecore is what you need. It is an engagement or sales enablement platform that allows users in optimizing their on-site activities in delivering positive signals to Google.

Information about the Company: Sitecore Review

Sitecore is a content management solution with combination of customer experience management. It allows users in controlling their customer experience throughout their apps and websites. It has features that enable users in analyzing their consumer engagement. The good thing is that it can handle any content and allows users to have ownership of experience that they deliver to their customers.

The company believes that site management system is the backbone of consistency when it comes to digital experiences that are why they offer Sitecore platform to deliver unique web experience for each person. The software is connected with each online content experience and strategy.

Tools, Features and Description of Sitecore

Sitecore software solution combines the content management with the customer experience management that allows users in controlling their customer experiences throughout their mobile sites, apps and websites. The software is offering different features enabling consumer engagement analysis, whether it is eCommerce pages, social media or blog. When it comes to the user profiles of each individual, it allows them to understand how every customer interacts with their site at the same time giving chance in customizing their experience.

Real time site personalization: If you are in marketing, then you know that this feature is important for your business that is why the software is offering it to their users.

Advanced analytics: Users will know where the sources came from, what your customers and clients searched, the content they consumed and goals that they have reached.

With the software, you have the chance to access insights about each individual customer as well as use the platform in improving experience. With the SMS Sitecore, it makes it possible for their users to manage their content easily and to deliver a high quality of content with the use of devices. The best thing is that you can perform an A/B testing as well as figure out which decisions and strategies works the best.

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  • Web experience management
  • Sitecore experience profile
  • Social experience
  • Cross channel data analysis
  • Analysis and insights
  • App experience management
  • Digital asset management
  • A/B testing
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Marketing automation
  • Goal tracking
  • Predictive marketing
  • Real time personalization

Pros and Cons of Sitecore


  • High scalability
  • Engagement focused
  • Full marketing platform
  • Reduced training time
  • Enterprise level


  • Licensing model cost
  • Only via partners

When to Use Sitecore

Managing your content is not easy, but by using Sitecore, everything will be an easy task. It gives you the chance to manage your onsite activity.

If you want to work on the best software in managing your content, give unique experience to your customers and clients, Sitecore is the best option that you need to have for your website.

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