Social Media Management Software

social media software tipsSocial media software is for the establishment and management of social media. Generally, this is used in a company’s marketing, to boost their profile and increase their visibility. Since social media is so common today, it’s a good way to appeal to a wide range of viewers. However, with lots of pages, you many certainly need management software to make it easier to update them all.

Who Uses Social Media Marketing Software?

It seems like every company has a Facebook page these days, no matter how small. Does that mean you need social media marketing software? Not necessarily. Social media marketing software is particularly important for:

  • Ecommerce
  • Retail in general
  • Marketing
  • Large businesses

What you should ask yourself to determine if you need social media marketing and management software is: how often do I use social media for my business? The more you use it, the more urgent your need will be. Consider carefully what kind of management and marketing you might need, and then decide how important it is to you.

Pricing Plans for Social Media Marketing Software

You can get social media management and marketing from fifty dollars for very low-end software with basic features all the way up to a few thousand a month, for many marketing users and managers with lots of complicated features. The number of users and accounts are generally the factors taken into account when paying for this type of software. Many companies will offer packages which contain certain features and a certain number of users and account. These allow you to tailor the services you’re receiving based on your needs and company size. Most companies require contracts, whether annual or longer.

Tech of Social Media Software

What kind of technology does social media software use? Check out our guide and see for yourself. These are all options you should check when finding the right software.

  • Advertising: Ad campaigns on social media are an important part of your business, and most software gives you tools to manage and maintain them.
  • Analytics: What’s the statistics and data on your ad campaigns and accounts? Analytics will help you determine this.
  • Curation tools: These help you find content and share it. Browser plug-ins that help you instantly share pages and search features that let you find it are major parts of curation.
  • Promotion: Sweepstakes, polls, contests, and other such features help boost your profile and your customers’ engagement with your product.
  • Advocacy: With advocacy, employees, partners, and customers can share their content. These help identify key players who can boost a brand’s message.
  • Monitoring: Social media can help you track and monitor what people are saying about your brand. Searches, sentiment analysis, competitive analysis, and broad channel coverage are all important parts of this goal.
  • Publishing: This deals with all the communicative aspects of your social media management. Like curation, it can involve sharing, but it also involves original content. Content planning and scheduling, content management, suggestion engines, and workflow management are all important parts of publishing.
  • Engagement: This sounds quite like engaging with customers as with promotion, but in fact refers to customer management such as support for concern and resolving issues. This is more and more common nowadays, so expect to resolve customer complaints via social media regularly.

Find the Right Social Media Manager

There are so many managing options for software today that it can be hard to find the right one. However, if you take these steps, it will get easier.

  • Sit down and decide what you want before looking for something
  • Decide on your budget as well
  • Search by the features most important to you
  • Think about credentials and reputation of the people you’re considering hiring
  • Consider whether this software will scale up or down based on your needs
  • Think about whether the software can grow with you
  • Check the contract to make sure it’s not restricting you or excluding crucial features

Features of the Best Social Media Software

  • Social networks included: You should definitely see what social networks the software supports. Facebook and Twitter are expected, but ask also about Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Vine.
  • White Labeling: White labeling involves rebranding products which you are licensed to sell (with permission). Social media can help with this, and some products offer special features to make it easier.
  • Historical data: Some platforms allow you to access data from your accounts before you were using the software. This is a tricky feature and tends to be found only in high-end products. Think about whether or not you need it and how much you’re willing to pay for it.
  • Mobility: Can you use the product on mobile and can it help you optimize your platform for mobile devices? With the increasing tendency of today’s users to browse on mobile, this is an important feature to consider.
  • Team collaboration: If you’re a larger firm, how easy will this product be to use collaboratively? Multiple social media managers and coordinators will mean you need a robust collaboration platform.
  • Security: Most people don’t think of this as a feature in their social media efforts, but it definitely is. You’re storing important data on your account that shouldn’t be accessed by outsiders. Does your platform allow for sufficient security for your needs?
  • Robust analysis: We discussed analytics as a feature of the software generally, but such things as Boolean keyword searches and filtering out spam and noise are important for making sure that your analytics are accurate and sufficient for your needs.

You Need Social Marketing Software

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors of marketing today. If you want to be ahead of the game, this is a great time to get a managing software for it and learn how to choose software. You’ll be surprised by how fast your business grows!

Whether you’re a tech guru or a newbie, come to us for our social media management software advice!