Solar Winds Review


If you are looking for software that will help you to get what you want, this page will give what you are looking for. If you want to have the best  IT help desk software for your company or site, then Solar Winds can help you.

Information about the Company: Solar Winds Review

Since 1999, Solar Winds Helpdesk mission is to give purpose-built procedures that designed in making IT professional job easier than before. The good thing with them is that they are offering value-driven tools and products that solve a wide range of IT management challenges. Whatever challenges it is, whether it is related to servers, storage, applications, virtualization or networks, you can have what you need.

The company distinguish themselves from others because they put their customers first before anything else. They strive each day in delivering powerful functionality that is easy to use and ensure that it is one of the longest and fastest ROIs in market. They have the approach to deliver unexpected simplicity as well as redefine expectations.

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Tools, Features and Description of Solarwinds

Solarwinds software eliminates complexity and ensures that users will find it easy to use, buy, deploy, maintain and find. Using the software, you can connect with their community. Here are some of the features of the software.

  • Network management: It includes network performance, monitor network, bundle network, troubleshooting, bandwidth analyzer pack network, tracker VOIP, manage user device and others.
  • System management: Monitor visualization, manager storage, server and application, monitor web, performance optimization pack, stack management, performance monitor application, monitor web and others.
  • Database management: Performance analyzer for MySQL database, database performance analyzer for SQL, performance analyzer for AWS and others
  • IT security: Manager serv-u, managed file transfer and others.

Pros and Cons of Using SolarWinds

It is important to know the pros and cons of the software so that if you are planning to download and install it, you can have it anytime you want. Knowing the pros and cons will help you to be aware on what the issues that arise and what are the good functions of the software are.


  • Alerts and essential details are pre-configured
  • Synthetic monitoring gives users the opportunity to catch some issues before it arise
  • SolarWinds Orion suite can be use in monitoring each performance aspect of users IT infrastructure


  • There is no built-in real user monitoring
  • Outdated interface

When to Use SolarWinds

If you are looking for synthetic monitoring software that provides your team an insight about impending problems, you can use the software. It is ideal for people who need synthetic monitoring.

It is easy to have Solar Winds Web Help Desk is a good software that you can use anytime. It is good software with good functionality and it gives what you need. However, if you want to have real time analytics, the software is not ideal for you. You can try to use the software and see what you can have with it.

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