Spiceworks Review


If you are looking for software that does everything, then Spiceworks is perfect for you. There are many things that you can do with it. For an overview and features of the software, check this page for more information.

Information about the Company: Spiceworks Review

Spiceworks provides IT professionals products as well as community in doing jobs in new way. The company is offering free apps, which include network monitor, network inventory as well as help desk. They have rich APIs that largest tech brands and developers are using to build applications in extending apps.

Tools, Features and Description of Spiceworks

Spiceworks software has app center delivering paid and free solutions to give IT pro with good functionality. They amplify their apps by combining it with community connecting IT pros with vendors, content and peers in helping them to do their job. Additionally, it is a free browser based network management as well as administration program. It gives users with single dashboard where they can monitor, troubleshoot and inventory.

The software has fairly sophisticated and built-in help desk feature. With it, you can make help desk portal and have the chance to link it on your IT support email address. Every time someone will send an email, Spiceworks help desk make a support ticket. In the ticket, it will tell who submitted the request, text of mail as well as when the request was being submitted. The good thing with it is that it does not share your details with eponymous developers.

You can assign the ticket to tech support worker and have the chance to track its progress. Another thing you need to know about the software is that the time you have an account, you have access to training videos, forums as well as useful repositories. There are many features of the software that you will like from free help desk, ticketing systems up to inventory.

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Pros and Cons of Spiceworks


  • Great email integration allowing users to have interaction via email
  • Many add-ons in making the software work on how users want it
  • Scans effectively
  • Helpdesk feature has superb combination of many tools
  • Help desk is admin and user friendly
  • Inventory management allows admin in gathering details and maintain history


  • There is no sub-categorization for tickets
  • Network scanner is slow
  • Some disparate tools are bundled together

When to Use the Spiceworks

Spiceworks can be use by people who needs support on help desk. It gives free IT solutions. If you want to link your help desk portal, you can do it by using your email address. If you are looking for a great help desk help, then Spiceworks is what you need.

There are many things that Spiceworks can offer to you aside from help desk. If you want to find the best help desk software, you have to know that there are still many features of the that you might want and whenever you need a help, you can rely with the software. Just be sure that you have an account to it so that you can access and use it anytime you want.

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