Steelbrick CPQ Review


If you are looking for quoting software that is five to ten times faster than other CPQ tools, then what you need is Steelbrick. It is wonderful software out there that you can rely to help your business.

Information about the Company

Steelbrick CPQ is easy to use and a Saleforce unit and it is built on platform of Salesforce1 for the users to make professional and accurate sales quotes that are error free in any device. The guided selling software helps sales representatives in giving customers the best solution.

Tools, Features and Description of Steelbrick

Steelbrick CPQ can build contracts, quotes and proposals that will surely meet the requirements of some situations. With it, you can set your terms as well as conditions to dynamic or static, add partner to show, hire or sale component pricing, and attach datasheets and others. All the quote documents you will create are in PDF format. Quotes can be created in MS Word and then the software will be the one to convert it automatically. All documents are stored as well as tracked for future audit logs.

In addition, the software automatically generates quotes that is based on add on quotes and original quotes. All renewal quotes are automated within the platform of Salesforce to make sure you will never miss any renewal. Also, the tool gives dashboards and reporting.

Key features of Steelbrick:

  • Guided selling
  • Generate quotes
  • Male proposals and contracts
  • Up sell and cross sell recommendations
  • Product configurator
  • Salesforce product catalog sync
  • Support dependencies, product bundles as well as exclusions
  • Multiple quote lines item editing
  • Product search capability
  • Subtotaling and Pre-defined descriptions
  • Audit trail of quotes
  • Quote templates that are customizable
  • Numerous pricing options
  • Generate automatically renewal quotes
  • Unlimited tier volume discount schedules
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Electronic signature integrations

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Pros and Cons of Steelbrick

CPQ Steelbrick is used by CX, Sales Ops and Sales. The software is used mainly for the configuration, pricing and quoting. On the other hand, it serves also as foundation for products that supported by the company when it comes to billing and pricing.


  • Product configuration
  • Approval process
  • Quoting process
  • Emailing quotes to clients and customers
  • Integration with the DocuSign
  • Easy to set up


  • Process for amendments are not too much streamlined in making amendment quotes.
  • Paid pilots
  • Following processes cannot be supported without doing customization
  • Cancellations
  • No drag and drop tool allowing customers to make advanced templates

When to Use Steelbrick

You can rely with the software if you want to have superb revenue. Steelbrick will be the one to help you with configuration, pricing and quoting. Since they are one of the leading companies that you can trust, you can get in touch with them anytime you want.

There is nothing wrong in using Steelbrick because it will be your help for your business. Many companies have chosen the software and you can also try to see what you get and how it works. You are assured to be fully satisfied.

Download Steelbrick CPQ today!