Sugarcrm Review


There are many CRM tools online that available on the internet. If you are having a hard time to choose because you do not know what to consider, you might want to choose Sugar CRM software. Read this page!

Information about the Company: SugarCRM Review

SugarCRM is a solid software that is ideal for medium and small sized businesses. The tool is perfect for organizations requiring ease of use, flexibility in others. In the year 2004, the company was founded. It has become one of the highest growth CRM tool publishers around the world. The good thing with the company is that it shows traction in business performance and customer acquisitions. The company has built loyal and passionate customers and partners.

Tools, Features and Description of Sugar CRM Plugins

Like any other top notch CRM software, Sugar splash pages is user configured and it is easy to customized with the drag and drop panels. It also has effective dashboards that are integrated with feeds like social streams and news. It has also good visuals like pipeline funnel.

Aside from this, the software has user and helpful definable shortcut bar for finding contact, making calendar appointment, recording a call or sending emails. The search function is strong that displays dynamic search results.

When it comes to Sugar CRM SFA, it is straightforward when it comes to contacts, activities, opportunities and accounts. There are many features of the system that you will like to have for your business. The software has email integration allowing users to email their clients within the app without the need to open additional program. The customer account portal of Sugar CRM allows users to keep track and record their client interactions, which include timelines. Users can also upload documents like invoices and user agreements.

Another thing is that the software has real time sharing in order for numerous employees and departments to connect with their clients. The tool also includes marketing and sales solutions that helps users with order tracking and sales collaboration.

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Pros and Cons of Sugar CRM


  • Convenient campaign tools as well as options: It guides you with the processes like making marketing campaigns and reports. It allows users to deploy CRM tool either on premise or on demand.
  • Updated interface: The company updated their software and combine 3 navigation bars into 1.
  • Native mobile application: The mobile app has offline sync capabilities and it can be access using iPhone, iPad or Blackberry.


  • Does not have a dialer

When to Use Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is a great choice for your business because of its great CRM tools. It also has marketing and extra sales features that will help you in tracking your sales. You can use the tool anytime you want and you will like it because it has numerous features and tools that will help you.

You can use the software anytime you want and the good thing is that it can be access with the use of mobile application. It will be your help to organize your contacts and to track you sales.

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