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If you are looking for a sales performance software, what you need is Synygy. It is one of the best choices you need to have for your company in order to grow your sales and get higher profit that you deserve.

Information about the Company

Synygy is private company with global headquarters in Singapore. They also have headquarters in Chester, Pennsylvania. The company gives technology, outsourcing and consulting services that is related to sales performance management and incentive compensation management. They have focus on sales force motivation, sales strategy enablement, sales performance insight and sales channel effectiveness. The company was founded in 1991 by Mark A. Stiffler.

Synygy was one of the earliest company that enter incentive compensation management that followed by OCM creation software products. ICM or incentive compensation management is now the foundation of what is known as sales performance management today. For more than 2 decades, the company is leading the way in creating and defining markets for sales performance management and sales compensation management services and software.

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Tools, Featured and Description of Synygy Software

Synygy transforms channel and sales performance through sales force motivation, sales strategy enablement, sales performance and sales channel effectiveness insight. The software gives solutions in helping the companies to execute initiatives in improving sales operations efficiency, sales channel performance, sales analytics and sales force effectiveness. The software comprehensive approach to sales performance and compensation management includes workflow, consulting services, analytics, reporting, compensation and transforming data design. It also includes outsourcing services in managing sales operations, technology enablement services, improving sales performance and analyzing sales data.

Performance sales management is an important part in managing sales operations as well as driving productivity and effectiveness of sales channels and salespeople. The software is perfect in determining the performance of agents, salespeople, brokers and others. It will be your help to improving the productivity of your sales operations function. Synygy includes:

  • Territory management
  • Incentive compensation management
  • Channel partner management
  • Competencies management
  • Objectives management
  • Optimization and forecasting
  • Coaching, feedback and development
  • On-boarding, off-boarding and recruiting

Pros and Cons of Synygy


  • Great management style
  • Decent sales management product
  • Good product reviews


  • Lacks marketing program

When to Use Synygy

If you want to improve your sales, sales performance and other things related to it, then you can use Synygy today. Many companies have proven the software and you can also try to see and know what you get. It is a great sales performance management software that you can rely anytime you want. Also, if you are having a problem in improving your productivity and sales effectiveness, Synygy will be your help.

There are many things that you get with Synygy sales performance software. It will be your help and your assistance to meet your business needs. It is not easy to manage your sales performance because you need to invest much time, but with the help of the software, everything will be easy and you just need to invest less effort.

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