Sysaid Review


Seeking for IT service management and great IT help desk software is not easy because you need to make sure that you choose the best. You are lucky because there is software you can rely with known as Sysaid software.

Information about the Company: Sysaid Review

Sysaid is offering everything you need to IT service management as well as effective help desk in single application. It includes magnificent service request management module, self-service, IT asset management, chat, industry benchmarking, mobile apps and much more.

Tools, Features and Description of Sysaid

Sysaid help desk solution is perfect for you because it is easy to use and it includes all features your department needs in effectively resolving technology related support issues. The good thing is that it was designed for IT professional and it can be used by any business sizes and industries.

When it comes to features, you surely love its speedy implementation and installation. It was developed for streamlining IT management. The best thing is that it is perfect for IT service providers and professionals who need an effective automate help desk, control assets remotely, manage, analyze performance, and monitor network elements with customizable reports and dashboards. It also implements effective problem management and effective change.

Another thing is that the software can be installed in your server or you can access it on the web. Also, they have mobile application that can be access using Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android or iPhone. Some of its features include escalation, alerts, automated routing, customer database, contract management, email integration, incident management, inbox, knowledge base, queue management, live chat, known issue management, service desk, self service portal, social media integration, ticket management and surveys and feedback.

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Pros and Cons of Sysaid Software


  • Great network detection
  • Effective asset visualization
  • Manages mobile devices
  • Has HTML5 mobile browser client
  • Has lightweight directory access protocol integration
  • Has help desk
  • Has encryption
  • Has data policy
  • Support many languages, which include French, English, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Russian
  • Has forum, online support, knowledge base, FAQs, video tutorials, phone support to help users


  • The remote desktop is available for windows servers only
  • Has overly tabbed
  • No depreciation
  • Lacks native mobile apps

When to Use the Sysaid

Sysaid help desk software is offering exceptional network detection for companies and it can be use by companies who want to manage their asset management. It can be use if you want to be focus on integrated solutions. The software is ideal for mid size businesses, large enterprise and small business. If you are from Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Latin America, United Kingdom, Africa, Middle East and United States, you can use the software.

Sysaid help desk software helps many people and it offers IT professional with good flexibility. It has the ability to configure and customize solution that suit to your organizational needs. You can use the software anytime you want or whenever you need a help on help desk or IT service management.

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