Tacton CPQ Review


A good CPQ software is necessary for a business because it will help you to become successful. You are lucky because Tacton CPQ is one of the choices you can have. If you do not know about it, then read this page for more details.

Information about the Company

Tacton has headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. They have resellers and customers around the world. They are proud of their customers and the results that the achieved. The company is working closely with their customers, whether small or large companies. They help them revolutionize all processes to become competitive and grow.

The company is founded based on collaborative thing and innovative research. They have the dedication in advancing the configuration field. The best thing is that the consultants and engineers of the company are among the most experienced and best across the world. Today, the company has more than 200 employees.

Tools, Features and Description of Tacton

Tacton CPQ automates and streamlines process that easy to sell products. The software can handle complex product structures and because of its TCsite, business sales team, channel partners and dealers will have access to latest pricing information and product. Using it allows you to produce high quality and accurate quotes in fraction of time.

TC site is easy to use and it runs on both offline and online. It supports multiple currencies and languages. It integrates with platforms and facilitates data exchange with CRM, ERP, PLM and CAD systems. Tacton is a configuration tool offering graphical product display and some of its customers include Yaskawa, Vencomatic, ClearStream, Caterpillar Propulsion, GE Healthcare and others. You will like the software because it sets new standard for industrial excellence and sales productivity. It bridges the gap between production and sales. Tacton configurator is a leader in product and advanced sales configuration. Their products are based on patented technology in Tacton Configurator.


  • Modeling tools
  • CPQ for Salesforce
  • CPQ tools
  • Design automation tools
  • Document generation tools
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Guided selling CPQ
  • Pricing and quoting
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Proposal and documentation
  • Visualization

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Pros and Cons of Tacton


  • Gives flexible approach when it comes to product automation
  • Keep products easy to change
  • Flexible
  • Give tools that is needed in having custom in-house automation tools
  • Customization
  • Can be used by any type of model
  • Save time


  • Taking base model and adding to the Tacton works
  • Layout mode lack aspect

When to Use Tacton

If you want to satisfy your customers and want to have a high profit because you have great sales, then you can use Tacton. It is one of the leading systems online that you can choose from. It has superb configuration tools and advanced sales configuration that is important for your business.

Many businesses are using CPQ tools because they believe that it helps them a lot. They are also able to manage their sales and other things. It saves their time and they do less effort. If you want Tacton, you can use it anytime you want.

Install Tacton CPQ today!