Touchbistro Review


If you want to make your restaurants exceptional, then you need to make sure that you all have the things that are needed. You need to ensure that you have the best point of sale software that you can use. The good thing is that you can use Touchbistro PoS.

Information about the Company: Touchbistro Review

The founders of the company are Geordie Konrad and Alex Barrotti. The company is one of the popular for the fact that they offer superb PoS application. The company also receives numerous honors and industry awards. Recently, the company got the Stevie Winner 2016, which is an international business award in the customer service.

Touchbistro was designed for cafes, bars and restaurants with menu. The company is a successful and proven PoS application running solely on iPads and it is being synchronized through local network.

Tools, Features and Description of Touchbistro

For the hardware setup of the software, it is simple. The fee is low as well as the licensing fees. Customers love the modern feel and look of tablet-based check out system handling table and seating assignments, wireless transfer of orders, menu ordering, menu selections, daily sales reports and split tabs and tickets.

It is an iPad PoS solution for restaurants out there. It includes a host feature that is built to streamline the workflow of every restaurant by giving solution that integrates with back end and front end. More than 3,000 restaurants as well as eateries around the world are using it. It is being used in more than 34 countries and it is completely scalable for all companies.

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  • Mobility: The software is iPad POS and with it, you will not stuck with the checkout counter. The servers can take your point of sale anywhere in your restaurant.
  • Table or bar: For dine in restaurants with floor plan, the software lets you color code seats and tables for distributing and taking orders easily.
  • Lock in register: Not each restaurant has floor plan that is why Touchbistro software has a Register Mode feature that locks the software into It allows process payment, print receipts and taking orders easily.
  • Custom orders
  • Automatic pricing
  • Send to kitchen feature
  • Reports
  • Customer support

Pros and Cons of Touchbistro


  • User friendly
  • Simple design
  • Elegant
  • Cost effective
  • Secure system
  • Excellent for large and small restaurants


  • iPad POS software relying primary on Apple-based infrastructure
  • Not cloud based PoS software
  • Lacks delivery system
  • Do not have social medial marketing tools

When to Use Touchbistro

There are many reasons on where you need to use the software. If you want an easy task for your restaurant, you can use the software anytime you want. It is a good choice because it makes sure that you get the point of sale solution that you need for your business.

PoS is one of the popular systems, especially for small and large businesses. It is perfect for restaurants, groceries and eateries. If you have business like these, then trying Touchbistro software is a nice idea.

Read out Touchbistro review and choose it today!