Track-It Review


Many businesses today needs help desk to support and help them with their needs. The fact is that it is not easy to choose the one you need because you have many choices and they all claim that they are the best. For top-notch help desk tool, check this out!

Information about the Company: Track-It Review

The good thing with the company is that they develop software that can help many businesses. More than 55,000 companies are using their Track-It software and it is their asset in managing their business.

Tools, Features and Description of Track-It

Track-it Help desk software will improve your user end resolution and satisfaction at the same time reducing the cost. If you have the software, you can have control of your IT environment as well as to make a better decision. Track-it is reliable, easy to use and affordable. You can try the free trial version for 30 days to see how it works. When it comes to features of the this help desk support software, here are some:

  • Change management
  • IT help desk, HR management, facilities management
  • Asset management
  • Mobile help desk
  • Self-service portal
  • Knowledge management
  • Software license management
  • Scheduled and emailed reports
  • Purchasing
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Training
  • Library

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Pros and Cons of Track-It

It is essential that you will be aware on the pros and cons of the software so that if you decided to use it, you will not be disappointed because you know what you expect and what you get. You need to know that even though it is effective and excellent software, all tools online are not perfect because they have their own issues.


  • Adaptability of the software meets the needs of users
  • Help desk module delivers all details needs in allowing competent ticket resolution
  • Inventory module allows customization as well as ease of sorting for check out purposes
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Keep track of tools licensing check outs of equipment, check ins of equipment, inventory of assets and others


  • Users dislike the price tag of USD 500 for each named technician license and annual support for each license

When to Use Track-It

If you want to monitor tickets anytime you want, you can use Track-It. It is a good tool that you can rely with anytime. If you need a help desk support, you can use Track-It and you will not be disappointed because it is easy to use.

You can have Track-It software for your business. You can check and test it so that you know how it works. The good thing is that it has free trial of 30 days allowing you to get ideas on how it works and how effective it is. Track-It software is one of the best software for help desk you can see online. You need to grab the opportunity of having it to meet your needs. Even though there are many choices on the internet, the software is a good choice. You should not miss the chance to have it for yourself

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