Velocify Review


If you opt to have Velocify for your business, but you do know more details about it, then this page will help you to know it. Velocify is a web based CRM app that is designed in evaluating and controlling sales as well as organize data in 1 CRM platform. For more details, check this out!

Information about the Company: Velocify Review

Velocify automates lead management, sales management, call centre software and sales enablement in a user-friendly solution. In fact, they monitor all sales actions and lead generation in order to increase maximum conversion rates and to ensure accurate and detailed revenue reports.

When it comes to the management platform, it integrates with SalesForce that gives free smart phone app for field managers and representatives in monitoring activities and sales leads.

Tools, Features and Description of Velocify

Velocify is integrated with Dial IQ system that gives your team quick access on mobile for new leads. The lead management and sales automatic improves the key customer acquisition process. The lead manager and intelligent CRM delivers prescriptive and predictable sales process request that helps users optimizing their sales resources in closing more deals.

It is a cloud CRM app incorporating use of email marketing, telecommunications, sales management, and calendar scheduling and customer management. From its user dashboard, users can navigate their live reports of staff success rates and sales activity rates, both past and present. Velocify is fully integrated with mobile application that is free to download.

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  • Integrates with SalesForce
  • Rapid sales automation
  • Capture forms leads
  • Instant sales notification
  • Automated email and SMS
  • Multiple distribution programs
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Real time reports
  • Call recording
  • Call transfers & conferencing
  • Interactive voice response
  • Customizable insights
  • Free mobile applications
  • Automatic sales prioritization
  • De-duplicated leads
  • Integrated calendar
  • Monitors employee sales
  • Cal analytics
  • Customer telephone detection

Pros and Cons of Velocify


  • Built-in speed for lead dialer worked well as well as distribute lead accurately
  • Simplicity of system setup is easy
  • Support and help are is easy to navigate
  • There are no limitation of the numbers of fields
  • Auto distribution
  • Integrations
  • Hierarchical features


  • Canned reporting is not 1 size fits all
  • Personal touch and customer service is poor
  • Field cannot be shared on different areas
  • Drip campaigns are not available
  • Duplicating statuses, making emails and others are intensive
  • Email marketing
  • UI

When to Use Velocify

If you need a help in your business about CRM, automating email marketing and others, Velocify is your help. It is a great CRM software that can be used anytime you want it. If you need a help with auto distribution, customer relationship management, sales management as well as sales enablement, then the tool is what you need.

Velocify is one of the top choices you can have for your business. It is proven to be effective in giving a help. If you want to try what it can do for you, be sure that you have it as soon as possible. Start to reap all the benefits of the tool so that you will be contended and satisfied with what you get.

Choose Velocify CRM today!