Vocalcom Review


Virtual call center software is essential nowadays because it improves and increases your sales. Without, then you are losing in the game. You can never become a good competitor for other companies and businesses. If you are looking for virtual call center software, you can try Vocalcom.

Information about the Company: Vocalcom Review

Vocalcom call center platform is a cloud based that is built with communication rich, web technologies as well as user focused. Users can easily customize reports, design IVRs and add agents. The platform is easy to use.

Tools, Features and Description of Vocalcom

Vocalcom is software that supports chat, email, Twitter, SMS and Facebook in one place. The platform goes beyond audio and web chat communication. The best thing is that Vocalcom is offering 100% cloud delivery that helps you to save. It allows your company to deploy a secure and always-on contact center solution quickly.

Vocalcom helps many global customers in boosting their sales and giving great customer service. Users do not need to wait for technical experts in making changes and setting up. The tool was designed in making agents to be more productive. Users also have the chance to improve their customer experience by using its multiple channels in single agent workspace. When it comes to the platform, it offers good performances, responsiveness and flexibility. Users can deliver fast customer service at the same time reducing IT workload and costs.


  • Multichannel skills based routing
  • Automatic CTI screen pops
  • Screen recording and dynamic call
  • Context based call scripting
  • Click to call meeting, click to video and click to chat
  • Real time contextual routing
  • Progressive, preview and predictive dialing
  • No need to buy hardware
  • Reliability and total security
  • Proactive service notifications
  • Social monitoring & engagement
  • Customer engagement

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Pros and Cons of Vocalcom


  • Staff are trustworthy and approachable
  • Has the most flexible solution
  • Consistent
  • Simple to use
  • Cloud ready
  • Complete omni-channel


  • Solution is easy to use and launch

When to Use Vacalcom

If you need software that helps you to improve and boost your sales, then it is the time to use Vocalcom. There are numerous things that you get with it and it make sure that you will be happy and contented. If you also need a complete omni-channel for your business and call center platform that is integrated with web technologies, Vocalcom is what you are looking for.

Many tools are available online, but you are not sure on how they work or what you get with it. Reading reviews and forums will help you to decide, but it is not enough because you also need to ensure that the tool you want is proven and testes. If you rely with Vocalcom, you get what you want. Many companies have tried it and they love the outcomes. If you also want to rely on call center software that is to manage and with magnificent platform, Vocalcom is what you need.

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