Webex Review


Video conferencing that is quality will help you to communicate clearly. If you need a online meeting software solution for your business, the perfect to use is Webex. It focuses on web meetings and webinars. Read this review for more details.

Information about the Company: Webex Review

Webex is not a conference call service because it focuses on web meetings and webinars. When it comes to its audio conferencing portion, it is great. Even though the conference portion is just an add-on, it still ranks as one of the top ten-award winner for conference services. You will not be disappointed with it because it is a user-friendly software for scheduling and attending meetings together with powerful interactive meeting and capabilities.

Tools, Features and Description of Webex

Webex is a phone-meeting tool allowing you to view all phone calls lists. The good thing with it is that it has replay capabilities and call recording. There are many features of the software that you might want to know and here are some:

  • Conferencing features: This feature offers all features that you want for phone meeting services. It gives toll numbers and toll free and you can just dial it from anywhere you are. You can also schedule a conference call and there is no limit with it.
  • Interactive abilities: This feature is more advance compared to other application. Its web tours, polling features, whiteboard functions, virtual hand raising, survey capabilities, VoIP, chat capabilities as well as post conference reports are convenient and detailed. When it comes to its whiteboard, it is easy to use.
  • Sharing and reporting: You can share applications, desktops and documents flawlessly. Participants can collaborate by using the same window, but the host has power in sharing the while desktop. If you are the host, you can have access in the remote computer desktop allowing you to share applications and documents stored.
  • Help and support: For any concerns and questions, you can use the software. There is a support representative that is available via telephone, live chat and email.

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Pros and Cons of Webex


  • The software has extra features in improving follow up meetings, which include private messaging, upload presented files and automatic recording
  • It offers advanced interactive features
  • Offers full video conference functionality
  • It gives tools in making profiles
  • The software is compatible with some video, multimedia file types and audio types
  • Webex integrates with software apps


  • The software does not give statistical details about participation in web conferences
  • Webex don not offer operator assistance

When to Use Webex

If you want the best video conferencing service, you can use the software. It makes sure that you have quality phone meetings. You are provided with all the resources that you need.

There you have the information you need to know about Webex video conference software. It will be your help to get what you want. There are many things that you get with it and it make sure that you will be satisfied.

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