WebHelpDesk Review


Since help desk ticketing software is being popular today, you need to know which the best software that you can use is. You should not just choose what you want because it is important that you choose the top notch, reliable and effective tool. One of the tools you can check out is web help desk.

Information about the Company: WebHelpDesk Review

Web Help Desk Company has many offers and using it will give you the best result. It is perfect for any IT department that needs to keep track of their assets, clients and associated calendar. The company helps many businesses for many years.

Tools, Features and Description of WebHelpDesk Software

Web Help Desk software is offering paid and free version for users. The software gives chance to users to try it because they are offering free trial. It also has training, which is available in webinars, live online and documentation. The software also offers support from online, business hours and it has 24/7 live representative.

  • Supported operating systems: Some of the operating system that the software support includes Mac OS X server, Red Hat Linux, Sun Polaris eight or higher, windows 2000 or higher and more.

  • Supported database: OpenBase SQl, MySQL 5 or greater, Oracle 8i or higher, MS SQL 2000 or higher and others.
  • Tools
  • Powerful integrations with a great IT management apps
  • Smart automation
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Codeless customizations
  • Some of the features of the software includes:
  • Easy web interface
  • Numerous reporting against tickets
  • Simple installation
  • Email based ticket submissions
  • Automatically assign technicians to do the jobs
  • Client self-help and client request forms
  • Calendar integration
  • Voicing and billing
  • Email alerts
  • Powerful search tools against assets, tickets, clients, FAQs and purchase orders

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Pros and Cons of Web Help Desk Tool


  • Has free trial
  • Has free version
  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Powerful integrations available for users


  • It can’t monitor systems
  • The software includes remote support for Apple, but it does not have other platform
  • A little bit higher
  • More streamlined in managing help desk tickets as well as service requests

When to Use Web Help Desk Software

Users can use it anytime they needs it because it helps IT staff as well as consulting firm in keeping their trouble assets and tickets managed. Since they have excellent ticket management system, you can rely on it anytime you want.

It is true that help desk software will give superb help, but it does not mean that you choose the software that you see online without reading review or checking its site. Relying with web help desk is a nice option because it makes sure that you get what you want. You have the chance to try the software since it offers a free trial that you can use to convince yourself that it is the tool you need. Be sure that you completely satisfied with how it works before you have the software for yourself.

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