Xactly Review


Sales compensation is one of the main motivators for a company to become successful. If you still do not have sales incentive compensation management software, then this is the perfect time to rely on a tool or software online. You are lucky because you can try Xactly.

Information about the Company: Xactly Review

Xactly Incent Company was created in order to meet the needs of broader market by giving the most demand and affordable sales compensation solution that allows companies or businesses to improve the accomplishment and performance of their business through using effective sales compensation programs.

The company enables businesses affordably and easily design, manage, communicate and implement sales compensation programs. The company ensure to give more effective plans as well as better visibility.

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Tools, Features and Description of Xactly

Xactly software is a smart way in managing incentive compensation. It is a web based with automated approach replacing manual processes in making compensation program error free and easy to manage. With the tool, you can:

  • Calculate compensation accurately and quickly
  • Deliver real time visibility
  • Give audit trails for your company transactions
  • Reduce costs that is associated with the sales compensation
  • Modules: The company developed a set of modules in expanding capabilities of modules that can be added in any combination that depends on users company specific needs.
  • Analytics: All sales compensation metrics are in 1 place.
  • Approvals and eDocs: Route, track, approve and customize compensation documents.
  • Modeling: See the changes effects of your compensation plan.
  • Credit assignment: Automate credit assignment and territory management.
  • Views: Request compensation reports that are customized that are based on your needs.


  • Flexible compensation plan design
  • Commission estimator
  • Data integration
  • Manager dashboards or sales rep
  • Managerial reports
  • Plan documents
  • Customizable approvals and plan docs
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Multi currency
  • Single sign on CRM integration
  • Analytics
  • Connect API
  • Modeling

Pros and Cons of Xactly


  • Flexible, web based, on demand and real time sales compensation application
  • Web based automated approach replaces manual processes that make compensation program free from any mistakes and easy to handle
  • Visibility
  • Analytics parts
  • Calculations


  • Give great flexibility in making plans that will fit to your business needs
  • Can be customized by internal team individuals without any consultants and others
  • Some details you want to see are in one customized report such as attainment, credits, commissions, bonuses and quotas

When to Use Xactly

Many companies are using the software and they all contented with what they get aside from issues. The software is one of the best choices you can have for your company that will be your help when it comes to compensation management. It will be your help to have the most on-demand sales compensation.

There you have the information about Incent Xactly software. If you believe that it is the tool that will provide what you need and will meet your business needs, you need to check it out. You should not waste your time because it is better to invest your time on the software to know what you can have and what you can get.

Avail this Xactly review today!