Yugma Review


Online video conferencing service is one of the important aspects for online business. To make your business innovative and progressive, you need to rely on a great web conferencing software and Yugma can help you.

Information about the Company: Yugma Review

Yugma gives more flexibility for users and it is available through Skype customization and integration. Users have the chance to participate in the conferencing and collaborate via sessions in whiteboard. It was designed to help online business.

Tools, Features and Description of Yugma

Yugma gives chance to users to share their documents on any platforms. It has Skype integration and customization allowing users to interact with one another. It also offers flexibility, desktop recording, private chat and others.

Some features of the software include:

  • Meeting capacity: 25 attendees
  • Desktop sharing: Desktop can be shared with other users on many platforms
  • Desktop recording: Yes
  • VOIP: Yugma has it
  • Control granting: Users can be granted in controlling meeting
  • Video conferencing
  • Private chat
  • Annotation tools
  • Desktop sharing and collaboration: Users can share computer screen for everyone to see it, whatever operating system, software or application you are using. Because of this feature, you can complete any task.
  • Single application sharing: this feature allows presenter or host in sharing one application in their screen with other attendees. It is useful for sales demonstrations and presentations.
  • Skype integration: Users can start to share their computer screen with others. The software is integrated with functionality making it easy for Skype users.
  • Presentation tools: It has powerful and easy whiteboard feature allowing users to interactively brainstorm during a meeting. It has annotation tools allowing you to draw shapes, line as well as freehand to highlight what you will present to others.
  • Many monitor support: It is useful for presenters and hosts having multiple screens that is connected in their computer system. Users can switch between different monitors during the meeting.

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Pros and Cons of Yugma


  • It is a good solution in hosting study groups, tutoring sessions, online customer support, training sessions and other sessions
  • It allows up to 25 participants
  • It offers many platforms for users by using mobile devices such as Windows, Linux and Mac
  • It reduce pre-meeting set up requirements
  • Gives enough functionality for users
  • Free basic prescription
  • Skype integration
  • Free teleconferencing
  • Shared file space
  • Playback, recording, meeting as well as webcast features


  • Monthly subscription is required for users who availed with advanced features
  • Sessions with more than 10 is not free
  • To participate in the free session, participants must need to register
  • Video and web cam functionality is limited

When to Use Yugma

If you want to have group chats, group study, have meeting online and other, then you need to use Yugma. It will provide everything that you need and the best thing is that you have access to its great features for free.

It is not easy to choose what video conferencing you will choose because you have many choices on the web. You are lucky because Yugma is there to help you. It makes sure that you get what you want and you can make presentations using it. Many people have used it already and you can also try it.

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