Zoho Review


Help desk support software will help you a lot in meeting your needs and if you cannot search for the best software because you are having a doubts on how it works and what it can give you, you are lucky because Zoho can provide what you want.

Information about the Company: Zoho Review

Zoho is a web based help desk solution giving systematic, quantified and streamlined manner of addressing trouble tickets. The good thing is that the software gives customer portal where they can have conversation, review and add status of trouble tickets online. The software is ideal for small, medium up to large companies that needs to manage, automate and prioritize online help desk support. The best thing is that it includes ticket management, knowledge base, reports, dashboards, workflows, alerts, notifications, contracts and SLWs, customer support portal, task management, product catalog and accounts contacts.

Some of the features of Zoho include:

  • Ticket management
  • Social media
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Customization
  • CRM integration
  • Reporting
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • Ticket assignment
  • Form embed
  • Customizable reports
  • Service escalations
  • Workflow rules
  • Notification rules
  • Graphic dashboards
  • Happiness ratings
  • Time-based actions

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Pros and Cons of Zoho Software

Knowing the pros and cons of the software will help you to decide whether you want it or not. It is your help to know if it is perfect for your company. Regardless, Zoho is a great software for companies and organizations.


  • Zoho help desk does everything and it is easy to use
  • Splash page is easy to read
  • Easy to set up
  • Mobile app is excellent
  • Time-saving design. Customizing at the same time setting up the workflow is simple to do
  • It has usable and dynamic reporting wherein report modules contain prebuilt reports that can be schedule for later or run in real time
  • It has strong inventory management feature
  • It has solid support resources and options wherein live chat and email are available. There is also customer portal access, remote assistance and phone support


  • Still has issue in adding new users as manager or CEO

When to Use Zoho

Since Zoho is great software that is available for some individuals, it can be use by small up to large companies. If they want to have the best CRM at the same time help desk software, Zoho is what they need. It has many features that surely meet your needs and ensure that you get what you want.

Zoho software can help you in many ways and it is not bad to try it to see how it works. There are many people who choose it because they believe that they get what they want. Zoho is a one-of-a-kind help desk tool that you can use anytime you want. It is a perfect tool that is good for companies. Many people have tried it and they are all satisfied with what they get. You can also try to experience how the software works. Grab the opportunity to have it for your business.

Use Zoho today!