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A chat software is necessary for a website because without it, you cannot communicate with your visitors. You do not have the chance to get in touch with them or to know what they are looking for. If you still do not have any live support software in mind, you might want to have Zopim.

Information about the Company: Zopim Review

Zopim live chat is offering huge advantage with their chat support service. You can have a live chat platform that is designed in fostering and building customer loyalty. There are chat functionalities of the tool that you will love and the software was designed to help businesses, companies and site owners to meet their needs. It was founded in 2008 that was acquired by the Zendesk in April 2014. They have headquarters in Singapore and they are serving more than 50,000 businesses as of now.

Tools, Features and Description of Zopim

Zopim has intuitive interface that gives detailed chat analytics as well as tools for businesses and companies. Here are some features of the tool, you must know:

  • Customization and set up: When it comes to user interface of Zopim, it is customizable and intuitive. The setup is so easy. Whether you are using Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Shopify, the setup procedure is simple to follow. In chat widget, you can tailor it in terms of size, placement and color.
  • Easy to use: Dashboard chat panel of the software is user friendly and clean. Aside from sorting your traffic as well as search for previous conversations, it helps your users because of its numerous shortcuts. The chat panel feature of Zopim allows administrator to listen to conversations between customers and agents.
  • Visitor information: The live chat Zopim software allows the chat operator in accessing real time details about customers that is currently on the site. It does not only give details like email address, IP, location, client’s name, operating system and browser, but its allows the operator to know if the visitor is repeat customer or first time visitor.
  • Usable on multiple devices: Visitors can initiate chat from Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Integration: Zopim make sure that the chat software is easy to integrate and adaptable with help desk solutions like OsTicket, FrenchDesk and Zendesk.

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Pros and Cons of Zopim


  • Easy to use
  • Has appearance customization
  • Easy to setup


  • Idle settings of the software did not work so well
  • Browser app do not track activities outside

When to Use Zopim

Small and medium sized businesses can start to use the software. If you want to chat with your customers, use the tool. The good thing is that it the chat client goes offline if you are away from your PC. To stay connected with your customers and with their queries, you can use the software anytime you want.

There is nothing wrong to rely on live chat software because it helps you to communicate with your customers. You can have the software anytime you want. To read more details about the software, you can read Zopim live chat review online.

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